More About Us

Crystal Renaud is a nose-pierced girl who loves God, the Church and helping the broken find restoration. She is on Communication staff at Westside Family Church in Kansas City.

Through overcoming her own struggle, she’s formed a ministry to women leading a Victory Over Sexual Sin class–open to all women who are ready to deal with their sexual sin and sexual addictions head-on. She is available for speaking engagements to the girls and women of your church/organization about porn addiction, sexual addiction and sexual sin. To contact Crystal about her class (general or participation info) or to discuss having her speak at your church click here.

When she’s not doing all that, she loves writing, singing, photography and dabbling in the wonderful world of freelance design and consultation. You can browse her design portfolio and resume by visiting Pink Haired Girl.

As always, the thoughts and ideas expressed throughout her blog or any forum are not necessarily those of her employer, Westside Family Church, so don’t hold them accountable for her actions… 🙂