My Review of Dinnerly Australia


So, Hello guys, we are back with another series of product reviews for the one and only, Dinnerly. As you’re all well aware of dynamic range of products of Dinnerly so for today we would be discussing their wide range of snacks. We also have a lot of Dinnerly discount code from to share with you.

UFIT High Protein Popped Chips – Sweet Chilli – 10 x 35g:

Known for being considered the best in the league for a reason, UFIT high protein popped chips as suggested by the name are rich in protein, alongside that they possess high and sustainable amounts of fibre, low fat saturation and contain numerous other nutrients which are essential for maintaining a healthy standard of living.

One of the best things about these chips are that they are gluten free, the claimed health benefits of gluten free products are that they shield our immune system from various diseases amongst which is Celiac, this disease damages the internal lining of our digestive system, more specifically our intestines which prevents them from absorbing quality nutrients from food which we eat. Moreover, not just health benefits these chips are filled with flavour forcing your taste buds to go for more each time. By the way you can grab a bunch of these in a feasible and discounted price from muscle food’s official website 

Carabao Green Apple Energy Drinks 12 x 330ml:

Next in line is the Carabao Green Apple Energy drink which is named after the willed water buffalo of Southeast Asia as depicted on its emblem. The foremost benefit of this apple drink is that it packs your body with energy and refreshment, it contains all necessary vitamins such as Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 which help in maintaining sugar level and reduce chances of cancer, alongside helpful vitamins it also contains other proteins and calories which combined make a great combination.

Furthermore, its more beneficial for athletes and sportsmen, after workout this is the best thing which they can intake. So, a great mixture of fruit and flavour make the Carabao Apple Energy Drink one of the most popular beverages in the range of snacks.

Offered Discounts:

While purchasing products either from the affiliated retail outlets of Dinnerly or either = from their official website you can obtain a number of discounts offers on a variety of their products, the average discount on their snacks range varies from 20% to 30% on an average.

The easiest way to avail these discounts is to go to the discounts section of their website and choose the discount code or voucher of your own choice. Students can avail a special discount, upto 100% on some deals as well(T&C applied)

So this is all for today, we’ll be back with another amazing product review series of some other products of Dinnerly see you later fellas.